Stonechef - Global Game Jam 2018

Stonechef [TRAILER] Global Game Jam 2018

Leti m vila renders grunt

Grunt model

Leti m vila renders master

Master model

Leti m vila blendshapes


"Help Grunt learn some cooking abilities while your master teaches you how to in an old, primitive language that you have to interpret and master. Stand your ground and achieve a high score while the recipes keep getting more and more difficult in this endless arcade experience."

My first global game Jam was with a wonderful and super talented team of 8 persons. I did the two characters: Grunt and the master. Model, handpaint and rigg, all in 48 hours.

We wanted a low poly handpainted bright look, so the Grunt model has 1362 polys and a texture of 1024, and the Master model has 1428 polys and two textures, for body 1024 and for hat 512.

Also, I had time for some blendshapes for the master: One of the ideas for this game jam was not use language at all, so the master comunicates you trought sounds and facial expressions.

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