Demon girl (based on concept by Cyarine)
Leti m vila turn arround demon girl1

Demon girl, marmoset render

Leti m vila 3 renders junts copy

Demon girl, marmoset render views

Leti m vila 3 renders junts copy clay

Demon girl, marmoset clay render views

Leti m vila demon girl zbrush compost copy

Demon girl, zbrush render

Leti m vila gif texture

turntable marmoset texture

Leti m vila gif clay

turntable marmoset clay

I really love the style of Cyarine (Laura Brouwers) so I wanted to do a 3d model of her demon girls. (Concept: )

Also before doing a few cute handpainted lowpoly characters, I wanted to move to more stylized and human ones, and practice my skills with anatomy. The restult is.. well not entirely human! Sculpted and polypainted in Zbrush, rendered only with vertex color and playing with materials in Marmoset 3.