Mocap BCN - Cloth modeling

My last work before enter in the Breach Studios were in Mocap Bcn, a small studio near Barcelona. We did contents for virtual worlds, animations and 3d models. My job during 3 years was mostly to create clothing for Second life, and mocap animations (facial and full body).
(Most of the clothes are a little bit "sexy" for my taste, but it was my job)
- Sliders controled by weighting -
In Second life you can have the apperance you want: Tall, short, curvy, slim, whatever. For the creators, it means that the weighting information have to be extremely accurate to work correctly with the apperance sliders, and also with all the animations the client can use (walk, run, sit, dance, and more)
Second life runs in a very old engine: normal maps and specular looks very odd so mostly all the wrinkles are actualy build in the mesh, that means heavier cloths to weight, but more realism.