Character for mobile game

Leti m vila poses per portfoli copy

expressions and iddle pose

Leti m vila 2 zbrush highpoly front

Few details in Zbrush

Leti m vila walk right

Walk front

Leti m vila spooked

Walk right

Leti m vila walk front

Expresion: spooked

I was asked to do a 3d character for 2d mobile game, with few expressions and two animations. The final result has to be in a 2d motor so I didn't have limit on the polycount or texture resolution, but the main goal was to mach exacly the concept. Due to the engine configuration, the animations must be in 6 fps, and I had to have all the texture baked, colors and shadows, so my handpanint skills were more than appropiate for the task.

- Head 1024x1024
- Body 1024x1024
- Bag 512x512