The Arishok of Dragon Age II
Leti m vila x muruimcs9r1rb1d8go10 r1 1280

Arishok turn I (vray render)

Leti m vila x muruimcs9r1rb1d8go8 r3 1280

Arishok turn II (vray render)

Arishok of Dragon Age 2

Leti m vila x muruimcs9r1rb1d8go4 r2 1280

Sculpt in Zbrush

Leti m vila x muruimcs9r1rb1d8go2 r5 1280

Close up sculpt Zbrush

Leti m vila x muruimcs9r1rb1d8go9 r1 1280

Topology in 3d max

Leti m vila x muruimcs9r1rb1d8go6 r2 1280

References I

Leti m vila x muruimcs9r1rb1d8go5 r2 1280

References II

Final project of Zbrush course in FX Animation School.
Based on a character of Dragon Age II, this was my first character in Zbrush and with it, I learned the process from sculpt to 3d game character. I started long ago and finished it in summer 2017.

I used in this project:
- Zbrush for sculpts and color.
- 3d max for retopology, rigging and skinning.
- Substance Painter, Zbrush and Photoshop for textures.

- 26.056 polys
- 4 textures of 2048 px. Diffuse, Normal, Height, Roughness, Metalness and Ambient occlusion.