Professional Work - Editable heads in Second Life

When I talk about my past work often people say to me "Second Life still exists?" Yes, and last year i worked in Vista Animations, I modeled 3 heads ( and 4th, a male head), with full facial mocap animation. 


Working for selling assets in second life have a few unique caracteristics :

- You can personalize every detail of your aspect (you can be tall, short, slim, curvy, with little or big hands, muscular, with big hips or whatever proportions you like) , and it applies to the face also. There are  55 sliders that control  44 bones of eyes, nose, mouth, chin, etc. In order to have this, the skining has to be perfect: The sliders work with the weight information, the same weights than the facial animation.

- Almost every creator want to be compatible with other brands. So the heads or other bodies, from me or from other creator, must have the same uvw map, the default second life uvw map. In that way other creators (like skin or makeup creators) don't have to start from the beggining, only ajust few things. But for me means that I have to adjust all the verts by hand. The easiest is for buyers and other creators, the better.

[Disclaimer: In the renders I'm only responsible of the 3d model of head, eyes. For teeth and tongue, I'm responsible of model and texture. I'm NOT responsible of the skin, hair, eye texture or septum piercing, all is form other creators. ]

The video above is made by a famous Second Life blogger, Strawerry Sigh, reviewing the last head released to the market named Zoe. 

Strawberry review all the aspects of it but:

If you want to see the mocap animations please jump to:

And if you want to see how sliders work please jump to:

· Some technical aspects are:

Model and skinning made in Blender. 

The texture map is restricted to one of 1024 for de head, another of 1024 for theeth, tongue and gums, and another of 512 for both eyes.

Mocap is made in Faceware, Motion Builder and Blender.